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Xbox Scorpio’s Name Is Now Officially The Xbox Scorpio?

A Best Buy newsletter has apparently confirmed that the Xbox Scorpio’s name is officially now the Xbox Scorpio, after years of calling it what many assumed to be its code name. The console will hopefully be spoken about at Microsoft’s E3 conference later today since E3 has officially kicked off.

Both times a new console has come out for the other two tech giants, Nintendo and Sony, the consoles have ended up not being called what they were rumored to be. The Playstation 4 Pro was originally simply called the Playstation 4K or the Playstation Neo, while the Switch was originally called the Nintendo NX.

Previously, Geoff Keighley had put up a poll on his Twitter asking what people thought the Scorpio’s name would be (with Scorpio being one of the options), so he might have some idea.

The news about the Xbox Scorpio’s name came from Best Buy’s most recent newsletter, and since today is the day that the Scorpio will hopefully be revealed and expanded on due to the console being hinted at coming out during the holidays of this year. Since E3 is the biggest gaming event of the year, this is the best chance for Microsoft to impress us.

The console has been touted as the most powerful one ever, even approaching or surpassing the resolution and graphical power of high-end gaming PCs, which are often called the “best” way to game due to their more advanced technology, modularity, and wide range of playable games.

However, with Playstation having already released the Playstation 4 Pro, its own 4K-capable console, Microsoft will have to impress a lot of gamers for the Scorpio to have any hope of getting any large number of sales (especially with no confirmed price or any video examples of how the console handles games).

Either way, with Microsoft’s E3 conference coming up later this afternoon, we’ll not only find out the Xbox Scorpio’s name, but what all it can do.