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State Of Decay 2 Shown At Microsoft Briefing E3 2017, To Be Supported On Xbox One X

State Of Decay 2 was shown at the Microsoft briefing at E3. It was a cinematic trailer mostly but we have got an idea of what we can expect from the game when it comes out. The trailer was very interesting and the game seems to be shaping up to be a great survival game. We have yet to learn about the different elements that will combine to make this game truly amazing.

State Of Decay 2 will be supported on Xbox One X and you will be able to play the game n 4K. Even if you do not have a 4K display Microsoft has confirmed that games will also look better in 1080p with HDR technology. The game emphasized on “how you will surprise” so it is expected that there will be different ways to make it through the game.

State Of Decay 2 will be coming exclusively to the Xbox one and even though the game will be playable on previous consoles as well the game will look the best on Xbox One X. There are still some details that we do not know about and we are looking forward to getting some gameplay sometime soon. Stay tuned for more information regarding State Of Decay 2.

State Of Decay 2 should be an interesting title to check out this year and we are excited about checking out how the game looks in 4K. Survival themed games do very well in the industry and the same might be the case with State Of Decay 2. The first game was not all that good but the second part could be better. The developers learn from past experiences. There is still hope.

State Of Decay 2 will be coming out in Spring 2018, Let us know if you are interested in checking this game out when it comes out.