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Sony Can Easily Win E3 2017, Here’s How

E3 2017 has so far been an amazing event with plenty of gaming news and demos available here too for us to check out. Moreover, a brand new console was revealed by Microsoft. The 4K gaming machine, Xbox One X, is coming out later this year for $499.99. Xbox One X is capable of playing games in 4K but its lineup was pretty underwhelming.

Microsoft is once again making the same mistakes, not working on first party studios but throwing money at the third party for “launch exclusives.” Apart from Super Lucky’s Tale, there was not a single new IP that is coming to Xbox One X. What’s interesting is that even Lucky is not really a new IP, it was a tech demo for HoloLens which is now turned into a full game. The vague terms like “launch exclusives, and Xbox Enhanced” were effectively used to fool the novice. However, most of the community saw right through this and immediately showed its concerns.

The ball is now in Sony’s court which means and the company, with its strong first party software support, can win E3 2017. What Microsoft is failing to understand is that hardware doesn’t move units, software does, and that is where they have once again lacked.

Sony needs to show a couple of major titles mixed with one or two new IPs and drop the price of PS4 Pro. Moreover, Microsoft is also misjudging the VR market by not dipping its fingers into it. PlayStation VR has sold over 1 million units and Sony will finally be showing more software for its head-mounted display.

Microsoft needs to learn to invest in new first party IPs.