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Project Scorpio Price To Be $499 According To Geoff Keighley

There have been loads of discussions regarding Project Scorpio price and there are two main prices that people have been debating about. These price points are $399 and $499. Geoff Keighley, who has plenty of connections in the gaming industry has confirmed that Project Scorpio price is indeed $499. Unless something changes, this is what will be announced.

This will be the world’s most powerful console that we have seen in the market till now and according to Microsoft, the games that will be released will work on previous consoles but will look better on Project Scorpio. The Project Scorpio price is a little big higher than the PS4 Pro but the power that the Project Scorpio has to offer is also much greater.

We will be seeing some gameplay on the Project Scorpio console as well and it will be interesting to see what kind of performance and graphics the console will have to offer. We are still unsure whether the console will offer native 4K or not. Microsoft has been marketing true 4K but it has not been confirmed whether that means native 4K or not.

Native 4K is something that we are expecting and it will be disappointing if Microsoft uses some kind of trickery in order to achieve 4K line the checkerboard method that the PS4 Pro uses. We have got some leaks concerning Forza 7 and we are also expecting to see Crackdown 3 and Sea of Thieves at the event.

Project Scorpio price will be officially announced soon, not much waiting left to do. We hope that Microsoft does not disappoint the fans as they have been waiting a long time. It has been a year now and we expect nothing but the very best.

Let us know whether or not you think Project Scorpio price will be $499 at E3 2017.