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Microsoft Explains Why it Dropped Xbox Scorpio in the Favor of Xbox One X

During Microsoft’s E3 2017 media briefing, the studio officially unveiled the next member of its Xbox One family called Xbox One X. Following the outcry from across the social media over the console’s name, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has explained as to why Xbox One X was approved.

Speaking with IGN, Spencer said that the studio did consider multiple names for Project Scorpio before settling for Xbox One X. One of these names was ELITE but it was turned down because both Xbox One and Xbox 360 had SKUs called ELITE. Moreover, Microsoft also considered continuing to call the console Xbox Scorpio – due to fan demand – but forced to skip it because it was a hard name to secure the trademark for!

I know a lot of people wanted us to call it ‘Scorpio’ — Xbox One Scorpio, that’s a hard one to get the trademark for.

Spencer also explained that the studio was never willing to drop the term ‘One’ from the branding because Xbox One ELITE, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X belong to the Xbox One family of consoles:

We have a family of consoles. Because we know different price points are important, and we know that for many customers, maybe customers who haven’t jumped into this generation yet, the Xbox One S is a great console for them.

Announced during Microsoft’s E3 2017 media briefing, Xbox One X will be available for $499 USD starting Nov. 09, 2017.

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