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How Co-Op Gameplay Helps The Story Of A Way Out

One of the few interesting bits of EA’s EA Play conference yesterday (if you weren’t interested in sports, memes, and EA trying to be “hip”) was the game A Way Out. With its unique way of playing co-op, the story of A Way Out will hopefully do well when it releases.

A Way Out is an “escape game”, a cooperative effort where you and a friend take on the roles of two different inmates in a prison. Meeting one another, both players must work together to escape the prison, while going about their characters’ own different stories.

A notable part of the gameplay in A Way Out is that players aren’t required to be together at all times; both characters will, over the course of the story of A Way Out, also pursue their own stories and objectives. This isn’t optional, either; you are required to play with another person either with split-screen co-op or online.

This is different from Josef Fares‘s previous game, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. While that also had two main characters in it that had to work together to accomplish a goal, the game could be played with one player, who would control both brothers using the game’s individual analogue sticks.

While co-op gameplay being mandatory may annoy a lot of gamers that have wanted a new game from Fares, considering how vital that style of gameplay is to the story of A Way Out, you’ll probably have to find a friend to play with out either on the couch next to you, or online.

We don’t have any sort of release date for A Way Out, but hopefully if it’s as good as Brothers and anything else Josef Fares has done, we’ll be able to see just what makes co-op so important to the story of A Way Out.