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Super Mario Odyssey Release Date Leaked By Gamestop

Nintendo fans have been very excited since the reveal of Super Mario Odyssey and are eager to get their hands on the game. Nintendo is yet to announce the game’s release date and it seems that the release date for Super Mario Odyssey has been leaked.

The leak comes from Go Nintendo, which is quite a reputable site when it comes to Nintendo related news. As noted by the site, Gamestop has apparently leaked the release date for Super Mario Odyssey and according to the leak, the game will be available on November 17, 2017.

This leak is in line with the previous rumor that suggests the game will launch in November and sort gives credibility to the leaked release date. However, take it as a grain of salt as it is just a rumor and Nintendo is yet to officially announce the game.

Super Mario Odyssey is an upcoming platformer in development at Nintendo exclusively for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo is yet to reveal the release date for the game.

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