EA Originals Title “A Way Out” is Claiming to be the Best Coop Experience

A unique coop adventure is what “A Way Out” is, according to developer Hazelight. The title was just discussed at Electronics Entertainment Expo/EAPLAY. Hazelight is claiming that this is the best coop experience players will have, they are guaranteeing it.

Bold claims but does the game live up? So far it looks interesting as you can see from the gameplay trailer above. Leo and Vincent are the two playable characters in A Way out. They are two men who don’t know each other but who will have to learn to work together for freedom. ¬†The story revolves¬†around their struggle of finding a way to break out of prison and continue on together beyond the prison walls.

Together they embark on a journey, where they will live many memorable action moments together: car chases, stealth passages, melee fights, shootouts and many more.

The game can not be played alone so will need a buddy for couch coop or online. There is no single player experience so you need to recruit a friend. As you progress through the story you will get to know more about the characters you play as and play with.

There will be different puzzles and situations where you need to figure out the best possible way out. Both characters are fighting for the same ultimate goal and will have to work together to break free.

It is a very different take on coop, it is forced and only time will tell how well the game is received.

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Source: Hazelight