Battlefield 1 In the Name of Tsar DLC Coming With 6 New Maps, Female Death Squad, and More

Battlefield 1 In the name of Tsar DLC just got a full reveal at Electronic Entertainment Expo/EA PLAY. Players will get 6 new maps including the long promised night maps, adding to the excitement for the content. EA revealed the first teaser trailer at EA PLAY, showing the awaited Russian female death squad.

Releasing this September, In the name of Tsar adds Hussar cavalry, new weapons, deeper player progression, fresh specializations and, most excitingly, an all-new battalion of female fighters. This Battlefield 1 DLC is playable at E3 2017 at Sony, Microsoft, and EA’s booths. If you happen to be around, make sure you drop by and give this new content a try.

Battlefield 1 In The Name Of The Tsar will bring you to the Eastern Front, where you will fight alongside the Russian army and witness the brutality of combat and the bitter cold of the Russian winters, as seen in the concept exploration images in this post. Prepare yourself for all new tactics employed by the Russian army. Though the frost is cold, the steel is colder.

DICE is also promising monthly updates for Battlefield 1. Gameplay for In the Name of Tsar will pop up sometime in the next few days. YouTubers are present at EA PLAY and will be posting their gameplay videos soon enough. Battlefield 1 is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

On a related subject, there has been some confusion over accessing DLC for free. However, the confusion was cleared recently so follow the link to know more.

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