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Yasuo’s League of Legends Ban Rate Jumps Over 90 Percent, “Small-Scale Update” Being Planned

League of Legends recently incorporated the new ten-ban system, which has only led to a surge in removing champions that are deemed annoying or unfavorable.

Yasuo has for long been considered as a name that accompanies incredible risk. The belief arises from the fact that he requires a tremendous amount of skill to be mastered. Those who can take command of his high mobility kit usually become a thorn for the opposition. However, he can also equally become a burden for his own team members. In that light, most players are not in favor of playing with or against him.

Following the ten-ban system, Yasuo is now being permanently banned in every single game. According to numbers drawn by lolking, the agile swordsman has drummed up a ban rate of nearly 93 percent. This has made it almost impossible for players to ever pick the champion in League of Legends.

Posting on Reddit, the developer confirmed that it is looking into a “small scale update” for Yasuo to “help resolve some of the long-standing issues” for the champion. This includes a sharp power spike based on the skill of the player, frustration from the opposition to deal with him, and a lack of reason to pick the champion if the team wants to ensure victory.

However, Riot Games noted that the upcoming changes have nothing to do with the champion’s high ban rate following the ten-ban system. Yasuo was already listed as a champion that requires a bit of tuning. Though, the developer pushed him up the priority list based on feedback from the community.

While Riot Games assured that the upcoming changes for Yasuo will not be “dramatic,” it also confirmed that the changes are still being looked into. This means that it is too soon for the developer to outline how it will be tackling the champion. Those who main Yasuo are likely worried about the update, but there is also the silver lining to see players stop insta-banning him in every game.

In other related news, League of Legends is getting two new legendary skins: Dawnbringer Riven and Nightbringer Yasuo. That should certainly make players hope that the ban rate simmers down so that they can flaunt their new skins.