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Nvidia Market Value Grew About $25 Billion Since May 2017, Could Reach 100 Billion Sooner Than Expected

Nvidia has grown a lot over the course of these couple of months and this is thanks to the Pascal architecture as well as the advances that the company is making in the field of artificial intelligence. Nvidia also announced the next generation Volta GPU architecture which has been introduced for the professional market. Nvidia market value has grown $25 Billion since May 2017.

Graphics cards have not been cheaper, in terms of price to performance but now you can buy GPUs that are way better than previous generation variants and do not cost as much either. Furthermore, these new GPUs are also more efficient so they consume less power as compared to previous GPUs. Nvidia is the market leader when it comes to graphics cards and graphics accelerators.

Another market that Nvidia is looking to enter into the cryptocurrency mining market, we have already seen leaks regarding the upcoming mining system and there is a cryptocurrency mining trend going on these days as the price of Bitcoin has reached an all-time high. Nvidia will be catering to this market by offering GPUs without display ports.

These GPUs will cost less than regular variants but will also have a lower resale value in case things go south. Without display ports, these GPUs cannot be used for other applications like gaming for example. In the future, this could also be a contributing factor when it comes to Nvidia market value. According to reports, Nvidia market value could reach $100 Billion sooner than expected.

Nvidia has dominated the graphics card market for some time now and now people are hoping for AMD Vega to come along and break that trend. AMD Vega is expected to come out in August and the announcement will be made at SIGGRAPH in July. Let us know what you think about Nvidia market value reaching $100 Billion.