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New Italian Study Says That Male Gamers Last Longer In Bed

A new Italian study about the sex habits of male gamers has gone into rather unnecessary detail about their bedroom habits. Mainly, that if you’re male and play games, you likely last longer in bed and have less of an issue with premature ejaculation if you play games for an hour a day.

The survey spoke with several hundred men (396 to be precise) aged from 18 to 50, and came to the conclusion that it’s due to the production of dopamine in the human body, a chemical released when you’re doing an activity that you enjoy. While you get a surge of this while you’re playing games, you can also get this when you have an orgasm.

However, the new Italian study also brings up that the actual reason that you last longer in bed isn’t because of dopamine. It’s actually because of hyperprolactinemia, which actually decreases sex drive. Considering that a lot of games can also be stressful to play (especially very difficult ones like roguelikes or games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne), that’s also self-explanatory.

The study brings up that video games may cross into the same area in terms of sex and sex drive as it does with exercise and other factors; you can burn several hundred calories by playing games simply due to rapid finger movement while playing, but it’s no substitute for real exercise. While it’s good in moderation like many things, there’s a thin line between moderation and chronic abuse.

So, you might want to make it so that you’re playing games that can make you relax and make you happy, rather than running games like Dark Souls all the time, or multiplayer games that make you compete against other people.

The new Italian study does say that they’ve only really scratched the surface of things like this, so in the meantime, keep playing, gamers! For science!