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GameStop Credit Card Breach Announced From August 2016-February 2017

Several writers and editors from Kotaku received letters about a GameStop credit card breach that may have taken place anywhere from August of 2016 to February of 2017. If you ordered games from the store’s website, you might want to check with your bank and see if you’ve made any purchases recently.

According to GameStop, the gameStop credit card breach likely resulted in whoever hacked GameStop’s systems getting names, addresses, and credit card information. GameStop has been sending out letters to various people that made or attempted to make a purchase on their website warning them of the breach and what they can do if they’ve been affected by it.

GameStop has been having a rough year this year, mainly due to the slow but steady increase in the prominence of digital games. The increase in digital games being purchased is affecting a number of gaming retailers, as it’s a more convenient way to store games and keep them in easy access without having worry about a disk being lost or dirtied.

GameStop has also come under fire for its “Circle of Life” program, which closely monitored the sales and trade-ins of various games and the purchases of pre-owned games. Failing to do well enough in the program has cost several employees their jobs at the company, though GameStop now appears to also be working new games into the program to help relax pressure.

So, if you bought anything via the GameStop website at any point from August of 2016 to February of 2017, once again you should probably check with your bank to see if “you” have made any odd purchases in the months since then, especially if you’ve gotten a letter from GameStop. This can help lessen the effects of the GameStop credit card breach.

If you haven’t used the GameStop website to buy anything, however, and instead either don’t use them at all or have gone in physically to buy a GameStop game, you appear to be in the clear.