Could the Next Hearthstone Expansion Feature the Lich King?

With the release of Journey to Un’Goro in April, Hearthstone moves closer to receiving its second expansion pack as part of the ongoing Year of the Mammoth.

A new thread on Reddit gathers clues to speculate that the next expansion pack could potentially feature the Lich King. The lord of the Scourge is bound to make an appearance in the free-to-play card game at some point and perhaps that will be in the coming months.

About four months ago, Blizzard filed a trade mark for “Return of the Lich King.” At the same time, the company secured a domain for “” as well. Many from the community believe that it cannot be a new expansion pack for World of Warcraft because of the current progression of the story-line. It would be a surprise if it turned out to be so. Based on that, the name is being taken as a new expansion pack for Hearthstone instead.

Furthermore, it has been brought to light that the last two card backs for the ranked seasons were locations that Arthas visited in order. May was “Sunwell” and June is “Dalaran.” If Blizzard announces July to be “Northrend,” it would pretty much confirm the rumors of the Lich King’s return.

It has also been pointed out that the official promotional image for the Year of the Mammoth featured runes similar to the ones found on Frostmourne. Finally, data miners were able to unearth an image of Icecrown Citadel from the last patch of Hearthstone.

Would you call it a series of coincidences or a trail of breadcrumbs thrown by Blizzard? The developer should begin teasing the next expansion pack by next month. As one of the most popular and storied character from the Warcraft lore, the arrival of the Lich King will certainly add excitement to the playing-board of Hearthstone.