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EA May Run A Battlefront 2 Free DLC Cycle On Release, A La Overwatch

In contrast to their previous game, where players had to buy multiple packs to fill out Battlefront’s rather paltry map choice, it seems that EA is going with a Battlefront 2 free DLC cycle when the game releases later this year. The model may follow a similar path as Blizzard’s Overwatch.

This means that at multiple times a month, we’ll be getting new maps, new characters, and new content in general to help fill out the game, rather than having to buy multiple DLC packs as the previous Battlefront did. This announcement is consistent with EA’s previous announcement that Battlefront 2 wouldn’t have a Season Pass.

The Battlefront 2 free DLC cycle will definitely be helpful when it comes to filling out the map selection, which the original Battlefront was criticized for (as it only contained a small number of maps that were divided among three planets, though others were later revealed through DLC).

While the new Battlefront will be taking place across all three eras of the Star Wars movies, with new heroes and battles (one of which, the Battle of Theed, we’ll be seeing tomorrow at EA’s E3 conference), the Battlefront 2 free DLC cycle will allow EA and DICE to make more maps and content for the game.

However, there will be a trade off here in that players may be bugged more for microtransactions, which is another way that the cycle is similar to Blizzard and Overwatch. It may also mean that we won’t get content as regularly as the DLC packs that came out for the first game. On the upside, even with microtransactions, at least you won’t also have to pay for DLC along with it.

To see how Battlefront 2’s gameplay is going to look, you can watch the EA Play conference tomorrow to see some of its gameplay, and likely get more information out of it.