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Rumored AMD-Intel GPU Licensing Agreement Might Have Been Confirmed Through This Leak

We recently talked about Intel’s GPU licensing agreement with Nvidia expiring and that Intel needs one in order to continue business. Although an AMD-Intel GPU licensing agreement has been rumored for some time now there has been no evidence to support this rumor, until now. New leaks might have just confirmed the rumored AMD-Intel GPU licensing agreement.

This leak has made its way to the internet and has been found from the Sisoft database as “Intel(R) HD Graphics Gen9; 694C:C0 (1720SP 47C 1GHz, 528kB L2, 10.4GB 800MHz).” As of right now, there is not much that we know about this CPU but it appears to have 2 threads and it is likely that it has 2 cores to go with those 2 threads as well.

Seeing how this CPU has Radeon graphics it is likely that this will be an APU rather than a CPU. It is possible that this is a Kaby Lake CPU with Radeon graphics coming out for the mobile market. That would explain the few cores and threads. You should take this information with a grain of salt as it is partly speculation.

There has been no official announcement regarding any AMD-Intel GPU licensing agreement, so it would be wise to wait for confirmation from any of the two companies before taking this information to heart. Intel has not had a great relationship with Nvidia in the past and it seems that big blue would rather partner with AMD instead.

Plus Nvidia is going into markets that Intel is also hoping to work in, Intel might want to work with AMD in order to defeat a common enemy. You can check out the leak in detail here.

Let us know what you think about this rumored AMD-Intel GPU licensing agreement and whether or not you think such a deal would ever take place keeping in mind the two companies are at each other’s throats for the CPU market.