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Wild West Online Single Player Campaign Will Depend on Sales

Wild West Online is coming to PC and with it, bringing this era to the biggest gaming platform in the world. Developer 612 Games is working on the multiplayer mode and trying to make sure it is the best possible experience for everyone.

However, there will always be demand for a single player campaign. Speaking with SegmentNext, 612 Games discussed Wild West Online single player mode and revealed what it would take for them to expand their game. According to Stephan Bugaj of 612, the inclusion of a single player campaign depends on how well the title is received.

Coming from Pixar and Telltale I’m a story guy first, so I’d love for us to add a story-driven linear component to the game.  However, like several other future expansion plans we’re hoping to deliver, that sort of thing will depend on how well the game is received.  It’s just the economic reality of the industry that indie teams without big studio budgets rely on gamers getting excited and remaining engaged over time in order to support our grander plans.

Wild West Online gameplay mechanics are similar to Battlefield 1. 612 is also adding deep character customization options that will allow the players to add their own spin to the character. But as for the single player campaign, it depends on how well the game sells and what the community thinks about having one.

Wild West Online will release on Steam but the title is without a release date and a price for the time being. However, there are many other details regarding, gameplay, PvP, PvE, coop, and more.

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