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Super Street Fighter V Rumors; New Cinematic Story Mode and Six Returning Characters

Capcom is rumored to be preparing a major update that will overhaul the current Street Fighter V into the improved form of Super Street Fighter V.

A thread on Reddit from the past week goes into great detail about what we should be expecting. There is no way of ascertaining the credibility of the poster. However, considering the half-baked release of the game and the flak it had to endure from the community, it is only logical for the developer to opt for a complete re-branding and start over.

According to the rumors, Super Street Fighter V will be a free update and should be considered as a gigantic “glorified” expansion pack. It will overhaul the user-interface, and introduce new Critical Arts.

In addition, Capcom will add several gameplay modes. This includes the long-requested Arcade Mode, Extra Battle, and another mode that will pit the player against waves of enemies. Super Street Fighter V will also bring back six characters to the roster: C. Viper, Oro, Q, Sakura, and Sakura.

The announcement is said to be coming at the end of the year, likely coinciding with the conclusion of the Capcom Pro Tour. Provided that the rumors are true, Super Street Fighter V will probably bundle more features than the aforementioned ones.

The rumor mill also churned a few interesting details about the ongoing second season of Street Fighter V. Following the recent arrival of Ed, the remaining characters are said to be Abigail, Menat, and Zeku.

A second cinematic story mode is said to be in the making. The roster of characters from the first season were apparently prologues for the general cinematic story mode. The second feature will take place after “A Shadow Falls” and the characters from the second season (Akuma, Kolin, Ed) will act as prologues for the new story mode.

Street Fighter V recently concluded its second beta of the overhauled Capcom Fighters Network (CFN). The much-awaited major patch was released over a week ago, bringing balance changes and stability improvements.