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Steam Is Offering A Free Payday 2 Copy To The First 5 Million Downloaders

If you’ve become interested in the bank-robbing first-person shooter Payday, Steam is giving away a free Payday 2 copy to the first five million people to download the game. The game allows players to take on the role of a gang of criminals as they rob various banks across multiple levels.

Payday has been in the news a lot lately as various events (along with the announcement that Payday 3 is being worked on) have continued to crop up in gaming news. The game has proven to be highly popular even before now, mainly for its mission variety, characters, and replay value.

What makes it even better is that once you download the free Payday 2 copy to your Steam account, it will remain there permanently, unlike other periods where games on Steam have been available to play for free for just one weekend.

While you probably won’t be getting the various other characters that are in the game along with it, Payday 2 is a rip-roaring good time for a group of friends, whether they’re a well-coordinated team or just a team of screw ups that want to have fun no matter how many times they fail.

If you’re intrigued by this offer and want to download it, there’s probably never going to be a better time, especially since Payday 3 will hopefully be coming within the next few years.

In order to download the free Payday 2 copy, all you have to do is go to the Payday 2 Steam page and click the download button to get the game. However, you might want to hurry; the offer is only valid for the first five million people that download it, so if enough people download it before you do, the event will be over and you’ll have to pay full price.

So, if you want to rob some virtual banks, go get your free copy of Payday 2!