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Rainbow Six Siege Remains as One of the Most Popular PlayStation 4 Games

Ubisoft has struck a gold mine with Rainbow Six Siege. The popularity of the team-based tactical first-person shooter continues to surge with every month.

Justin Massongill, social media manager of Sony Interactive Entertainment America (SIEA), posted this week to announce that Rainbow Six Siege was one of the most-downloaded games from the PlayStation Store during the period of May.

It took sixth place in the list of top downloads for the month, just above Overwatch: Game of the Year Edition. The placing might feel underwhelming, except for the fact that it had to make way for a few major recent releases.

Injustice 2 from NetherRealm Studios was the most downloaded PlayStation 4 game for the month. The survival horror experience of Friday the 13th: The Game from Gun Media came second, with NBA Playgrounds from Saber Interactive following at third.

Surprisingly, The Order: 1886 and God of War III Remastered finished the top five. Perhaps the anticipated release of the new God of War, as well as a potential gameplay trailer at the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) next week, has forced many to play through the older installments.

Rainbow Six Siege recently received its first patch for the ongoing Operation Health initiative. It introduced the much-awaited rework for hit-boxes, changes to several maps to curb the problem of spawn-killing, and balance updates to several operators.