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Extra Scorpio Gigabyte Unlocked By Microsoft Days Before E3 For Devs

Mike Ybarra of Microsoft has announced that an extra Scorpio gigabyte has been unlocked for developers on the Xbox One Scorpio, just days before E3 begins. The developer version of the console has a number of improvements over the consumer model to help with developing new games over its lifetime.

Initially, the Xbox One Scorpio’s dev kit version had twelve extra gigabytes of RAM over the regular Xbox One Scorpio. However, through this tinkering and the resulting extra Scorpio gigabyte, it now has 13 extra gigabytes of RAM, making it an even better console for developers that want to make games on the Xbox One Scorpio.

Three quarters of the Xbox One Scorpio dev kit’s RAM will be given over to developing games, while the rest is reserved for the actual console. RAM allows a console to load more assets at once, meaning that it has to load less stuff as you play.

Microsoft has said that it’s up to the developers how much they want to make their games scale up with the Xbox One Scorpio’s release, and hopefully with all of this new tech they’re getting they’ll want to scale it up as much as they can (so long as it doesn’t impact people’s ability to play the game.)

We’ll likely be getting actual concrete information about the Xbox One Scorpio sometime during the Microsoft E3 conference, though whether or not they’ll talk about it the whole conference or only delegate a short amount of time to it remains to be seen.

Hopefully the company will make Scorpio look good in the eyes of consumers not just with technical specifications (such as the extra Scorpio gigabyte), but also with a lot of awesome games; the Xbox One has fallen way behind the PS4 partially because of a lack of exclusives, so hopefully the Scorpio can impress gamers in its own debut.