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Dirt 4 Steam Reviews Are Discouraging for the Buyers

DiRT is one of the most popular racing series and its latest installment is out now. While publications are liking the title, pointing minor issues here and there, the Steam community isn’t too happy with the game. The community is having technical as well as design problems with the game.

Dirt 4 graphics, the stages, and the overall feel have really regressed compared to previous games, especially, if you are coming from Dirt Rally. Moreover, the game doesn’t run as smooth as Dirt 3. It feels more like an arcade racer and is lacking in the physics department.

The main reason for the negative reviews on Steam seems to stem from the fact that it’s not DiRT Rally.

Here are a few DiRT 4 Steam reviews:

If you’re a sim racer with a nice racing rig and you enjoyed Dirt Rally a lot (as I did) then be prepared for a huge disappointment in the physics department. You may have heard that you can now select between a gamer handling mode and the sim handling mode. Of course, I went straight for the sim mode, all assists off.

They promised “realistic handling from Dirt Rally, only improved” but it isn’t true. DR is miles ahead of this. Cars have ridiculous sideways grip, you can’t even drift a god damn Group B RWD car, that were infamously tailhappy. You can hardly get on-throttle oversteer, applies to pretty much all cars. Cars just understeer instead. What a joke, really.

Dirt Rally is much better than this. The graphics were underwhelming, the handling was off, and in general, it felt unsatisfying to drive. Personally, I would rather get Dirt Rally if you like simulation racing.

Hating on the game because it is not DiRT Rally isn’t really fair but admittedly, its mechanics need to be improved.  It is harder to throw the car into corners using a Scandinavian flick which is an indication that weight transfer physic is lacking.