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CD Projekt RED Statement Released As A Gigantic Middle Finger To Hackers

A CD Projekt RED statement has been released today regarding a hacking incident of the studio, which took some internal files including ones related to Cyberpunk 2077. The studio isn’t letting that get them down, however, and even took the time to let the hackers know they didn’t steal anything important.

CD Projekt RED is the same studio that is responsible for the critically acclaimed Witcher series, and since the last piece of Witcher content came out (aside from their Gwent card game) have been working on their science-fiction game Cyberpunk 2077. The hacking that stole some of their files ended up taking a small bit of stuff about the game, and the hackers are holding it for ransom.

The CD Projekt RED statement that the studio released in response, however, showed the studio wasn’t afraid, and even told fans that what the hackers got about Cyberpunk was so out of date that you wouldn’t really be able to see any resemblance of it in the final game. They also stated that they would not be giving in to the demands of the hackers.

Hacks and leaks are some of the worst things that can happen to a studio, but CD Projekt RED has been very good to its fans, and its fans, for the most part, have also been good to it. CD Projekt RED, in addition to the Witcher games, is also part of the reason that Good Old Games (which cheaply sells games from the early days of gaming, along with Triple A titles) exists.

With E3 this coming weekend, and with CD Projekt RED hopefully attending (and also showing off some Cyberpunk stuff, even if they have previously said otherwise), the hackers can try and do something, but will likely be seen as irrelevant like they are in their day to day life.

You can read the CD Projekt RED statement for yourself in the link in the first paragraph.