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Bully Merchandise Appear On Rockstar Online Store, Bully 2 Announcement Coming Soon?

Bully sequel is one of the most requested game sequels. It has been 9 years since Bully came out and since then Rockstar has neither confirmed or denied the possibility of Bully 2. However, there have been rumors on the internet suggesting that Rockstar has plans for Bully 2 and it seems that we might get the announcement soon.

As noted by AllGamesDelta, Bully Merchandise has been added to Rockstar Online Store under “New Arrivals” which include shirts, dodgeball and more. It is important to note that the merchandise has been added just days before E3 which might indicate that Rockstar Games is preparing for some sort of announcement.

However, that is not the only clue that came to light suggesting the existence of Bully 2. Just recently a listing for Bully 2 appeared on Game Informer website. While the listing has been removed but, it clearly indicated that Rockstar Games is working on a sequel.

However, there is another rumor making rounds on the internet which suggests that Rockstar is indeed planning to develop a Bully sequel and will be launched after the studio is done with Red Dead Redemption 2.

Do you think Rockstar Games will announce Bully 2 at E3 2017? What would you like to see in Bully 2? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Twitter