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What If Sony Announces a New PlayStation Just Like Microsoft Did Last Year?

Who doesn’t like a new PlayStation? Every time a new system is announced, the internet breaks and the community is on fire. The last time we saw a new machine was back in 2013 (minus the mid-gen upgrade PS4 Pro of 2016). Sony announces its consoles at E3 and now that we are days away from this year’s event, are there any chances of seeing PlayStation 5? Well, no. It is unlikely Sony will announce anything before 2018.

However, that shouldn’t stop us from discussing the possibility and what impact it might have. Well, announcing PlayStation 5 at E3 2017 won’t be the best of ideas. PlayStation 4 won this generation hands down and now the ball is in Sony’s court.

The company can just stand back and watch how Project Scorpio performs in the market. The worse thing about Sony announcing PlayStation 5 would be its negative impact on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro’s sales. Those looking to buy PlayStation 4 or Pro in the foreseeable future may prefer holding onto their money until PlayStation 5 hits the stores.

Waiting another couple of years before releasing┬áPlayStation 5 is better for Sony as hardware would be much cheaper so it would cost less to build a powerful 4K machine. However, if Sony announces PlayStation 5 this year Project Scorpio’s market won’t be affected as much but there will be fans that would wait until Sony talks more about the console before heading down the Scorpio road.

Announcing it at E3 2018 makes much more sense for Sony. It is safe to say traditional console cycles are messed up and mid-gen upgrades are on the rise. But it is also evident that Project Scorpio is not a mid-gen upgrade. It a new console with backward compatibility.

Do you think Sony should announce a new PlayStation at E3 2017? Or do you think PlayStation 4 has another couple of years left in it? Take to the comments and let us know.