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NZXT BLD PC Configurator Does Not Feature Any AMD Hardware

AMD Ryzen and AMD RX 500 series GPUs offer great performance for the price and these have become very popular with the people. In fact, as of Monday, AMD RX 580 and RX 570 GPUs are out of stock at major hardware retailers. Keeping all this in mind it is very odd that the new NZXT BLD PC configurator does not feature any AMD hardware.

NZXT has been in the business for some time now and the new NZXT BLD PC configurator allows users to build PCs according to their requirements. I went on and checked out different PC configurations that could handle GTA V, Fallout 4 and DOTA 2. While the NZXT BLD PC configurator is great and it tells you the estimated FPS of games I noted that there are no AMD components in the options.

The cheapest option that you can go for will cost you $1095. For the money, you get an Intel i3 7100 and GTX 1050 Ti. If is important to note here that you can get a much better PC if you build it yourself and you would be better off buying an R5 1600 and Nvidia GTX 1060, for about the same price. Another thing that I noted is that you cannot configure a PSU less that 500W.

NZXT BLD PC Configurator

This is odd because the GTX 1050 Ti does not even need any external power and one of the major selling points of the GPU is that you can just plug it in and get to gaming. Keeping that in mind it would be money poorly spent if you go with a GTX 1050 Ti and a 500W PSU. It might not be too much of a surprise that NZXT has gone the Nvidia and Intel route but the pricing is way off.

Let us know what you think about the NZXT BLD PC configurator and whether or not you think NZXT should have included AMD options as well.

Source: NZXT