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“Depth” of Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Makes It Esports-Ready

Despite concerns from fans about simplified mechanics, the developer is fairly confident that Marvel vs Capcom Infinite has a strong future in esports.

Speaking with Bahrain International TV in a recent interview, producers Mike Evans and Peter “Combofiend” Rosas discussed the competitive potential in the upcoming brawler.

“As for it being an eSport? Definitely,” stated Combofiend. “This game has a passionate community behind it, it’s the most accessible it’s ever been, it has an amazingly strategic battle system, and it’s ultimately the depth that keeps players playing.”

He added that Marvel vs Capcom Infinite has all the ingredients for becoming a great esports game. In fact, its road to the competitive world of professional gaming is only “inevitable.”

It was also clarified that the game will not be joining the ranks of Capcom Pro Tour this year because of its late release date, which sees it hitting shelves nearly at the end of September. While no confirmation was given to Marvel vs Capcom Infinite joining the tour next year, it only seems logical since the competitive global circuit is one of the main driving forces for Street Fighter V.

Besides its future as an esports title, Capcom has also great confident in the success of Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. Having learned from the half-baked release of Street Fighter V last year, the developer previously stated that the new brawler would hit shelves in a complete form. There will be no modes or features hidden away as part of post-release updates.

During its latest earnings call for the fourth quarter, the company announced a sales target of two million units worldwide for the upcoming title. It should be noted that the same target was set for Street Fighter V as well but it fell short even after its first anniversary.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite will officially release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on September 19.