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AMD Vega 10 Die Shot Not Real According To AMD Senior Manager Product Marketing

We recently talked about the AMD Vega 10 die shot and details regarding the upcoming AMD Vega GPUs that will be featured in the upcoming iMac Pro professional desktops. New information reveals that AMD has not released such information and that the AMD Vega 10 die shot that we saw was not even real.

This new insight has been provided by Scott Wasson, senior manager of product marketing at AMD. Scott made this clear over Twitter. It is interesting to note that the image is not even a die shot to start with. The AMD Vega 10 die shot that was shown is more of a block diagram instead. This is not the first time that we have seen such fake images in Apple’s official presentations.

Below is an imagine from a presentation from last year where Apple announced the MacBook Pro that features AMD Polaris GPUs. If you look at the image closely you can clearly see that the Intel Skylake die shot over the AMD Polaris GPU. This is pretty unprofessional if you ask me. AMD Vega is still a few months away from launch.

Vega 10 Die Shot

Keeping in mind that the AMD Vega 10 die shot was not real and AMD has not released any specifications for the GPU, it is most likely that the specifications provided were also just speculations or intelligent guesses at best. You can check out our coverage of the AMD Vega GPUs that will be featured in the upcoming iMac Pros.

Talking about fake news, we also found benchmarks related to the performance of the upcoming AMD Vega GPUs and it was later found that these benchmarks were not legit. The benchmark claimed that the Vega GPU was more powerful than the Titan XP and offered double the performance as compared to the GTX 1080.

Let us know what you think about this AMD Vega 10 die shot.