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Upcoming Gwent Patch Will Increase Milling Outcome, Reconnect System in the Works

Having entered open beta a couple of weeks back, Gwent is now scheduled to receive its first major patch in the coming weeks.

During a recent live stream, the development team discussed some of the upcoming changes. Alongside general bug fixes and stability improvements, Gwent is receiving adjustments to the crafting mechanism based on feedback.

The milling outcome for common and rare cards is being increased by a hundred percent. In addition, a number of cards are being adjusted for balance. Players who own the cards will have the option of milling them for their full crafting cost for five days after the patch is released.

Take note that Leader cards will no longer be obtained through Kegs and Rewards. Those who purchased Kegs in the past weeks will receive bonus Scraps once the patch goes live. A bug where players would be forced to use Meteorite Powder during the tutorial has been squashed. Everyone will be refunded that specific amount.

An abundance of text has been amended for a number of cards. CD Projekt RED also confirmed that it is currently working on a “reconnect system” to allow players to rejoin an unfinished game.

As for the changes to the cards, head here to go through each faction.

There is no date for the upcoming patch but the developer has asked everyone to expect it soon. Considering that the unofficial patch notes are already out, we should see the patch go live within this month.

Gwent has changed a lot since its closed beta testing. The faction leaders have been reworked to function as playable cards on the battlefield. In addition, every faction gets to mulligan one card at the start of the second and third round. Various cards have been tweaked and we are likely to see more to follow as we keep progressing through the open beta.