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Mikey Neumann Leaves Gearbox Due To Poor Health, Borderlands 3 Getting New Writer?

Mikey Neumann, Gearbox’s chief creative and lead writer on the original Borderlands, co-writer on Borderlands 2, and writer of (possibly) Borderlands 3, has departed the studio due to ill health. Now that he’s away from Gearbox, Neumann will be focusing fully on his YouTube series, called “Movies With Mikey”, which he has a Patreon for.

Movies With Mikey is the YouTube series where Neumann analyzes films, which has been praised as a celebration of what makes movies great. Since it’s going to be his full-time job now, and thus will be something he relies on to pay his bills, Mike has set up a crowdfund to help support himself.

Mikey Neumann has been struggling with illness for the past several years, and his most recent bout with it is what has triggered him to resign from Gearbox in favor of a less stressful position of YouTubing.

Six years ago, Neumann suffered a stroke and later was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, but he was able to continue working at Gearbox. However, two months ago he suffered an autoimmune failure, which temporarily took away his ability to speak, walk, and write. However, with those circumstances, he is unable to continue his work with Gearbox.

Currently Mikey’s Patreon page has over $6,400 pledged to it, but every dollar helps (and who knows, he might eventually make Patreon milestones that can get you fairly sweet gifts), especially since it’s now the man’s only method of income.

If you want to support Mikey Neumann in his YouTube endeavors, you can find his Patreon link here, and if you want to see what some of his work looks like, you can follow this link.

In the meantime, we wish Mikey all success in his future endeavors, and hopefully his channel will take off to allow him to pay for any future medical issues.