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Hitman Ditching Episodic Game Structure, Season One Will Soon No Longer Be Available In Episodes

Future of the Hitman franchise looks more and more ambiguous ever since Square Enix let go of IO Interactive, the developer of the Hitman franchise. Now the studio has announced some changes to how Hitman Season one will be sold digitally and these changes will be implemented in approximately two weeks.

In the latest blog post, IO Interactive outlined the changes that it will make to the Hitman Season one. According to the studio, “The Complete First Season” will be the only option to purchase the game meaning it will not be sold in episodes. The studio added that these changes were not made on the fly but, were in the pipeline since March and believes that it will make simpler to buy the game.

These changes will be implemented in approximately two weeks from now and the studio revealed that reason they announced the changes today is that to make sure that existing players are fully aware of their options and to give them time before changes are made. The main changes will simply be the unavailability of the “Intro Pack” and “Upgrade pack” from digital stores.

Also, those who own the “Intro Pack” on Steam will be able to purchase the complete first season and will only pay for those episodes which they don’t own. Once these changes are implemented individual episode will no longer be available. Xbox users who own the “Intro Pack” will be able to purchase the season 1 complete at a reduced price.

Those who are fearing that Season 2 for Hitman will not come, well, IO Interactive has confirmed the existence of Hitman Season 2. According to the devs, season 2 for the game will feature new locations and more. According to Hakan Abrak, Studio production director at IO Interactive, Hitman Season 2 will be arriving with new locations and cities along with more free content like Elusive Targets and Escalation Missions.

The studio is also working on another unannounced new IP. According to the job listing, IO Interactive is looking for a gameplay programmer with solid experience in AI, physics, animation and game mechanics for AAA games.

Source: IO-Interactive