Hello Games Teases Possible New No Man’s Sky Content

Hello Games, the developers of last year’s epic flop No Man’s Sky, have sent out mysterious cassette tapes that tease new No Man’s Sky content, apparently related to portals. We don’t know what’s on them, as the people that have received them have refused to share, but we might known soon.

Despite some people refusing to share what’s on the tapes, other people have hinted at what’s on the tapes, though their hints have been fairly cryptic about what’s on them. Most of the people that received the tapes were the heads of multiple different subreddits.

Apparently, the new No Man’s Sky content is related to portals. Portals are a mysterious part of No Man’s Sky, as despite being on a number of different planets (and which are apparently supposed to teleport you to another world when activated) no one has been able to activate them.

It’s likely that whatever is on the cassette tapes is related to instructions on how to activate these portals. What exactly is on the other side, however, remains to be seen. It could simply be a way to get to another planet a galaxy away, or it could lead to something else. Either way, No Man’s Sky needs all the content it can get.

The game originally launched in the summer of 2016 after a huge amount of hype, only to experience an even huger amount of backlash once players realized that there was essentially nothing to do and no-one to do it with. However, since then, after months of silence, Hello Games has continued to add in more new No Man’s Sky content and updates.

We have no idea of when this new update will come around, but if it is related to the portals, we’ll at least learn something else about No Man’s Sky.