Zombie Survival Gunship Walkthrough – Missions, How to Make Money, Upgrades and Base Building

Zombie Survival Gunship Walkthrough will help you and detail everything there is in Zombie Survival Gunship so that players will find it easy to jump in the game. Zombie Survival Gunship is a free-to-play base building game that has a lot of elements to it that players need to consider and that is where this guide comes in.

In Zombie Gunship Survival players will have to build a base for survivors in a post-apocalyptic world where zombies have overtaken the world and also controlling a gunship to get rid of these zombies that have infested the earth.

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Zombie Survival Gunship Walkthrough

Zombie Survival Gunship is a free-to-play game that requires players to build bases for the survivors in the post-apocalyptic world where Zombies have overtaken it. Players will have to manage their base, troops, and their gunship in order to survive in this world. This guide will detail all the elements like gameplay, base building and more that are there in the game.

Let’s start with the gameplay for the Zombie Survival Gunship. Players will control an AC-130 gunship which is controlled by holding and dragging one finger on the touch screen to move the camera and shoot zombies with tapping the ‘fire’ button at the bottom right of the screen.

Players will have a total of three main weapons at their disposal which includes a 25mm machine gun, a mid-range 40mm machine gun, and a massive 105mm Howitzer. Weapons reload automatically in the game and the weapons can be alternated by tapping the Switch button at the top-right of the screen.

Base Building
Base building is one of the most important aspects of Zombie Survival Gunship. While you have to constantly keep an eye on the base’s upgrades but it is designed in a way that it is easier to defend. Leveling up the headquarters is suggested as a priority as it will unlock more buildings. Repair buildings whenever you get the chance as it will slow the advance of zombies in your base.

Also, pay attention at removing the zombie nodes as it will give you a huge bonus. Defending the base is basically a mission and the base comes under attack every few hours and it is also the source of earning resources and defending the base is not that difficult of a task.

Missions are important to complete as completing them will increase your rank and will reward metal and supplies. Not every mission will be a walk in the park and if there is a mission that you find very difficult to complete then you have the Bypass option that will skip the mission and replace it with another one. Also, keep your storage buildings upgraded as it will let you store more loot from different missions.

There are two types of missions in Zombie Survival Gunship. The first one are regular objectives that will reward you for upgrading your base, reaching certain points in the game, or killing a set number of zombies. The second type of missions are daily objectives which only appear for a limited time and reset every day.

How To Upgrade/Fuse Weapons
To successfully complete missions you will be required to constantly upgrade and fuse weapons. Select the weapon that you want to upgrade and it will open up in a new screen and here you will see various stats associated with the weapon. There will be three options for players to choose but, to upgrade they only need to select “Boost” option. Selecting boost will allow players to choose the level of upgrades that they want to give to the selected weapon. Upgrading weapons costs resources, so before upgrading grind for some resources.

Once a particular weapon has been completely upgraded to the max level, players will be able to fuse the weapon with other weapons of the same star rating to gain additional stars and improve its traits. If you see a Gatling gun icon over the hangar then you have a max upgraded weapon ready to be fused. Epic and Legendary weapons have the best traits to begin with so focus on upgrading them first.

In-Game Currency and How to Earn It
There are three in-game currencies, Gold, Metal and Supplies, and Crates. Gold currency can also be used as a stand-in and it can be purchased with real money from $0.99 for 80 Gold to $99.99 for 14,000 Gold.

Metal and Supplies is important as it is required to upgrade the base and it can be earned by completing missions and by watching a 30-second advertisement which will grant players 200 Metal or 250 Supplies.

Crates unlock in Zombie Survival Gunship after a certain amount of time these, however, those who can’t wait for the timer to complete can purchase the starter pack with $4.99 which will include a three-star Gatling gun, 500 Gold, and four Elite Crates. If you want to get the Gold then buying this crate is much better option than giving the $4.99 for 500 Gold alone. Crates can be obtained by completing missions or by watching an advertisement for one.

That is all for our Zombie Survival Gunship Walkthrough with tips on almost everything there is in Zombie Survival Gunship.