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Xbox Scorpio Dev Kit Is Revealed Before E3 2017 Reveals Actual Scorpio

The Xbox Scorpio is getting closer and closer to being revealed at E3, but before that, the Xbox Scorpio dev kit has actually been revealed, along with all of its specs and what it can do. The reveal came via a video that Microsoft released earlier today on their YouTube.

Since it’s the console that developers are actually going to be using in order to make games for the Xbox One and the Xbox One Scorpio, the Xbox Scorpio dev kit is going to be a good bit better than the retail kit, which is what we’ll be getting later this year.

To start off, the dev kit comes with a frame rate counter, which helps game developers know what frame rate their game is currently running on. Along with the frame rate counter, the dev kit of the Xbox One Scorpio also comes with an extra twelve gigabytes of RAM and a second 1 Terabyte hard drive, which increases storage base on the console by a huge amount.

The Xbox One Scorpio has been touted for over a year now about being the most powerful console ever, with its specs apparently approaching those of a high-end PC. Compared to the Playstation 4 Pro, its direct competitor for Sony, the Scorpio will have to live up to the hype in order to try and break past the Pro’s months-long lead.

The Xbox One Scorpio is supposed to be revealed at the Xbox conference at E3, where we’ll likely get more detailed specs along with how games look on it. Apparently, every Xbox One game will be playable on the Scorpio, and they can even play better if devs are willing to put the work in.

Either way, to see the Xbox Scorpio dev kit video, look further up this article, and pay attention to Microsoft around E3 for more Scorpio information.