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Sony: Japanese Games Are Coming Back In A “Major Way”, Big Announcements Teased For E3 2017

This year and the last we saw a lot of Japanese games released for the current generation of consoles like Final Fantasy XV, NieR Automata and more. Now, it seems that we are going to see more Japanese titles at E3 2017, according to Sony Interactive Entertainment America boss.

Speaking with Time, Shawn Layden talked about the future of PlayStation and that the Japanese Games are coming back in a big way. He also added that there will be some big announcements at E3 2017 related to Japanese games which might indicate that we will see more titles from Japanese devs.

That’s super important for us. I think a lot of Japanese developers lost their way chasing the mobile games yen, if you will, but they’re coming back to console in a major way. And speaking of, we’ll have some big announcements at E3 in that precise vein.

This year’s E3 in particular, is very exciting as Microsoft will fully the Xbox One Scorpio at the event. However, it seems that Sony is prepared for the Scorpio reveal saying that they will not be frightened. According to PlayStation Global Sales and Marketing Boss, Jim Ryan, Sony is looking forward to Xbox One Scorpio reveal. He added that while competition is a good thing but Sony “won’t be frightened of what they do”.

He also revealed that the reason he is making such a statement is that Sony is at an advantage when it comes to games.

Recently, Sony also talked about the backward compatibility feature for PlayStation 4. The company acknowledged that it is a much-requested feature, however, gamers want backward compatibility but don’t use it.

It seems that Sony might be revealing a lot of new games from Japanese devs and we are excited about it. However, until Sony’s press conference we can only speculate about what Sony will reveal.

Source: Time