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Rainbow Six Siege Offers Two-Day Bonus Renown After Server Outage

Following the global server outage of Rainbow Six Siege yesterday, Ubisoft is offering compensation by hosting a bonus Renown event for the community.

Players can earn fifty percent additional in-game currency for completing every match in the next couple of days, with more to gain by being victorious. In addition, the bonus will stack with Renown Boosters. Those who have them in spare, or were considering to farm, can use the next forty-eight hours to amass a large amount of Renown. The most to gain is if the entire team activates a booster together, which will increase the bonus amount by over a hundred percent.

Rainbow Six Siege was supposed to receive a new update today. However, the server outage has forced the developer to delay the patch by another day. Update 2.2.1, the first for the ongoing Operation Health, will officially launch tomorrow for PC. The release for consoles is set for later this week, but may be changed depending on how the PC deployment goes.

“There will be a maintenance tomorrow, and any downtime incurred as a result of that maintenance will be added to the end of the Bonus Renown Event’s timer, ensuring that you receive a full 48 hours of 50% more Renown,” reads the announcement.

The patch notes have already been released, highlighting some major changes and adjustments for the longevity of the game. The hit-boxes have been completely recreated in accordance with a new design philosophy. In addition, three maps have been changed to stop the spawn killing of attackers in the beginning of every round.

The complete patch notes can be read here.