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Rainbow Six Siege Adjusts Three Maps to Stop Spawn Killing

The first in a series of patches, as part of the ongoing Operation Health, will go live for Rainbow Six Siege later today. Among many changes, most of which Ubisoft has already highlighted previously, is regarding spawn killing in certain maps.

To clarify, defenders quickly getting into a position to take out attackers rushing from their spawning point is allowed. However, being able to shoot at players the moment they spawn is problematic. In Rainbow Six Siege, there are multiple maps where attackers can break the environment to get a straight line of sight to the spawning designation of the opposition.

According to Ubisoft, it managed to identify three prime locations where defenders were able to do this: the Campfire spawn on Chalet, the window on Consulate, and the Control Room on Kanal. Each of these has received adjustments to stop players from lighting up the attackers as soon as they spawn.

The boarding of the Control Room window on Kanal has sparked a bit of debate as players believe it works against combat strategies. Rather than closing off the high vantage point, many believe that the developer could have added more cover for the attackers or shift the spawn point further back.

Taking to Reddit, community manager Craig “ItsEpi” Robinson explained that the decision to cover the Kanal window is “much more complicated” than it appears. Ubisoft looked at several approaches and considered the aforementioned solutions. However, they were not that feasible as the community believes.

A few of the issues we ran into when exploring object placement options were related to navigation and funneling. If we placed an object on the ground, we saw that players would be funneled into choke points at spawn. Furthermore, objects being placed around the spawn point were not sufficient enough to block line of sight from the window without creating other potential exploits. We were unable to find a solution we were satisfied with, except for blocking out the window that provided line of sight to the spawn.

After the announcement of the change, one of the first suggestions that we saw was moving the spawn point to behind the nearby building. While this would remove the immediate danger of the spawn kill from this window in question, it would also require work being done on art, navmesh, lighting, etc. During Operation Health, our resources are being used to touch on, and correct, as many issues as possible. This may be something we look at doing down the road after the sprint of Operation Health is over.

The developer knows that the change will have a major impact on competitive play and teams will have to adjust their strategies accordingly. The map might be tackled for new changes in the future but for now the window remains closed up.

The complete patch notes can be read here. Update 2.2.1 rolls out for Rainbow Six Siege on PC later today, with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One getting theirs later this week.