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Injustice 2 Gets First Post-Release Patch, Full of Bug Fixes

Following its release last month, Injustice 2 has received its first official patch. It is mostly filled with fixes to several bugs and issues previously reported by the community. However, there are a few adjustments for characters on the roster as well.

In the general category, Injustice 2 has received stability improvements. Audio issues related to moves being interrupted have been corrected. The user-interface has been tweaked to display Gear load-outs during the loading screen for online matches. In addition, the level requirement on the Gear will be shown in red if the player fails to meet the necessary level requirement for equipping.

A new indicator has been introduced to confirm if the opponent is using a wired or wireless connection. A major issue with some players not receiving the proper level rewards has been fixed. A separate issue with the camera behaving unexpectedly has been fixed as well.

Coming over to characters, Black Adam has received a couple of tasty buffs to his Gear abilities. Bane will no longer lose armor when cancelling into Fist Slam. The hit-regions of Panic in the Sky have been slightly adjusted for Brainiac. A couple of gameplay bugs for Darkseid have been squashed. Joker now has a reduced block stun on Chattering Teeth. Wonder Woman no longer loses armor after burning out her meter with Amalthea’s Protection.

The complete patch notes can be read here.

The developer recently confirmed Red Hood as one of the upcoming downloadable characters for Injustice 2. The gun-wielding alternate persona of Jason Todd appears to be designed as a hybrid character that gets the best of both worlds. He can keep opponents at bay by using all sorts of projectiles, forcing foes to stick to their side of the screen. However, he is also able to quickly close the gap to get in their faces when the need be.

Red Hood appears to be execution-heavy, and players will have to make fast decisions to decide whether they want to bomb their opponents from afar or roll in for some meaty blows and juggle before bombing them in the air. He is scheduled for a release this month as part of the game’s first “Fighters Pack” DLC. In addition to Red Hood, the pack will feature Starfire from Teen Titans and Sub-Zero from the developer’s critically acclaimed Mortal Kombat franchise.