FIFA 18 Reveal Trailer Shown, Features Cristiano Ronaldo

The FIFA 18 reveal trailer has finally been released by EA Sports, and while it doesn’t necessarily show anything meaty about the game, it does feature Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid in its starring role. However, we’ll likely get more information and a better trailer in a few weeks at E3 2017.

The FIFA 18 reveal trailer mainly shows Cristiano Ronaldo playing in a football game, but even if it’s not actual gameplay it can get a FIFA fan hyped up for the game when it comes out in September of this year. Cristiano Ronaldo has also been chosen as the game’s special edition cover star, along with Playstation and Sony becoming the main marketers for the game this time.

Ronaldo would be one of many real-life FIFA soccer stars that are available in the game as part of the FIFA Ultimate Team game mode, which allows players to collect various popular FIFA players and make their own team out of them. FIFA 18 will also be continuing the game’s single player mode, The Journey.

Ronaldo being the face of FIFA 18 also isn’t just limited to trailers. If players pre-order the “Ronaldo Edition” of the game, you’ll get three days of Early Access gameplay, allowing you to start playing it three days before everyone else.

However, if a FIFA 18 reveal trailer featuring Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t good enough for you, all you have to do is wait a little while longer to see the actual gameplay trailer at the EA Play conference, which will be taking place in the same timeframe as E3 in a personalized EA conference.

Hopefully, along with Call of Duty WW2 and whatever else EA decides to show at their own E3 conference, players will be able to get excited about what EA has planned in the next few years.

If you want to see the FIFA 18 reveal trailer for yourself, you can find it further up in the article.