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Denuvo Accused of Using Unlicensed Software For Its Anti-piracy Tool

Denuvo is known for providing anti-piracy solutions for game developers so that they can save their investment from being cracked and downloaded for free. That way game developers would not get the returns that they predicted as people would be downloading and playing games for free instead of paying for them.

It is ironic that the company is being accused of using unlicensed software for their anti-piracy tool. This information comes from a user named drVanо, who works at VMProtect Software. This company makes tools that help against reverse engineering and cracking. According to this employee, Denuvo wanted to use VMProtect in their tools but this was declined by VMProtect.

The standard $500 license would not have been suitable here as it would cost Denuvo a fortune to make something similar from scratch. Denuvo bought a cheap license and went on to get to where it is today. According to the employee:

Everything went well for Denuvo until we notified them that their VMProtect license had been canceled due to a breach of its licensing conditions. Options were offered for solving the problem, including paying modest compensation to us. Our proposal was ignored.

Denuvo is now being accused of using illegal software and the company is taking the needed steps against Denuvo. It will be interesting to see how this case turns out.

Through our long-standing partners from Intellect-C, we are starting to prepare an official claim against Denuvo Software Solutions GmbH with the prospect of going to court. This might be a very good lesson for ‘greedy’ developers who do not care about the intellectual property rights of their colleagues in the same trade.

The latest version of the Denuvo software that claims not to use VMProtect collapsed in under a week and people were able to download games for free.

Let us know what you think about this case.