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Data Miners Share Details for Tekken 7 DLC Costumes and Characters

Over the weekend, data miners went fishing inside the PC version of Tekken 7 and were successful in finding several clues to the next three content packs.

The first pack is scheduled to release in summer and will include “Tekken Bowl” as a new game mode. It will also feature a whole lineup of costumes for the major portion of the roster; including swimsuits, school uniform outfits, and idolmaster-themed wares.

The second pack is scheduled to release in fall and will introduce the next guest character to the game. Labelled as “MRY” in the files, the new inclusion to the roster can seemingly fire projectiles while both standing and in the air. In addition, the character will have access to an EX meter to further boost attack moves.

There are currently only two characters in Tekken 7 that have meter usage: Akuma and Eliza. In that light, there is speculation that the next guest character may perhaps be from the Street Fighter universe as well. The files suggest that the development progress of the character is pretty far, meaning that Bandai Namco may drop a teaser sooner than expected.

The third pack is scheduled to release in the first quarter of next year and will introduce the third guest character. There is currently no information or clues on that post-release inclusion.

Those interested can head to the source and go through the lengthy code of the game in the hopes of finding other clues to the upcoming content packs.

Tekken 7 released last week to stellar reviews. It is being hailed as the best installment in the series yet, and one of the best fighting games to hit the markets in recent years. The honor was previously being given to Injustice 2, but now there is a debate of which of the two is the superior brawler.