Minecraft Story Mode Season Two Leaked By Classification Board

Telltale Games introduced the Minecraft Story Mode in 2015 and following the game launching for Nintendo Switch it seems that the devs are planning for a second season for the Minecraft Story mode if the listing on the Australian Classification Board is to be believed.

Minecraft Story mode is a story specific spin-off of the game developed by Telltale Games and according to the listing on the Australian Classification Board, the studio is currently working on another season of Story more for Minecraft. However, it comes as a little surprise since E3 is just around the corner and Microsoft might be looking to reveal the game at the event.

While the game has launched for Nintendo Switch but, there are some issues with the game on the hybrid platform. One specific issue with the game is that the game is locked at 720p resolution on Switch for both handheld and docked mode. However, Microsoft has assured that 1080p option is not out if the question.

Microsoft told Time that the game is not locked on 720p because of the console’s performance saying “Minecraft’s 720p docked/undocked resolution isn’t a question of system power, but stems from issues currently experienced shifting from one resolution to the other when docking/undocking”.

Minecraft is a sandbox construction game developed by Mojang for PC, Xbox One, and mobile devices.

Source: Classification Board