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Intel Socket 2066 V2 Could Be Commercialized In The Near Future To Facilitate 10+ Cores

Intel Socket 2066 is the new piece that has been announced by Intel and it is for the enthusiast market. While there is a lot of fo confusion regarding this socket and about Intel’s plans regarding the platform, one thing that we have not failed to notice is that this is not something new, if it was to happen. Socket 2011 was commercialized to 2011 V3, so Intel socket 2066 V2 might as well be a thing.

The current socket has not been designed for more than 10 cores and there might as well be an Intel socket 2066 V2 in order to make that possible. Intel has already made the announcement and we will have to see how the company is going to make this happen. The TDP of the upcoming chips will be higher keeping in mind the higher core count.

Intel has been taking a beating over their announcement at Computex. It seems that all this was rushed and was not properly planned. Intel seems to have given into the pressure of the AMD Ryzen threat and have announced CPUs that will compete with AMD Ryzen without thinking things through. There are reports that even motherboard manufacturers are doubting this platform.

It is possible that these chips will not have the support that they will need in the upcoming days as this platform is varied and vague. Kaby Lake-X especially makes little to no sense at all. There is no doubt that things are getting intense between Intel and AMD and we can see the effects of the battle already.

If you are interested in learning more about the competition that Intel is facing check out the rumored pricing of the 16 core 32 thread AMD Threadripper CPU that will be competing with the top of the line X series CPUs from Intel.

Let us know what you think about this rumor regarding Intel socket 2066 V2 and whether or not you think it will be commercialized.