Gwent Guide to Understanding Keywords and Terminologies

The many cards of Gwent revolve around a number of mechanics and abilities. Unfortunately, the free-to-play card game does little in explaining most of these terminologies. The tutorial only brushes the surface and players have to understand most of the technical jargon through personal experience.

When Gwent entered open beta last month, it removed a few keywords from the closed beta. In addition, it also renamed some of the existing ones. The following compilation is for the current version of the game. It might possibly go through additional major changes once the developer approaches an official release date.

Card Abilities

Armor: The unit resists the following amount of damage.
Boost: Increases the unit’s strength by the following.
Brave: The unit does the following if it is still losing after entering the battlefield.
Clash: The unit does the following if neither player has passed.
Deathwish: The unit does the following after it is removed from the battlefield.
Deploy: The unit does the following after entering the battlefield.
Doomed: The unit cannot be resurrected after being removed from the battlefield.
Effort: The unit does the following if it successfully activates its ability on the battlefield.
Lock: The unit’s ability, buffs, and any other tags are disabled.
Orders: The unit does the following if a Leader enters the battlefield.
Promote: Converts the unit to Gold.
Resilience: The unit cannot be removed from the battlefield for the next round.
Resistant: The unit cannot be affected by weather.
Shield: The unit is protected from one strength removing effect.
Strengthen: Increases the unit’s base strength by the following.
Turn Counter: The unit does something after the following amount of turns.
Weaken: Decreases the unit’s base strength by the following.

Other Classifications

Ambush: The Scoia’tael card is played face down and activates once the condition is met.
Unit: A card that spawns a physical character on the battlefield.
Potion: A card that provides bonus strength or immunity to units on the battlefield.
Special: A card that conducts an ability or spell, and has no physical embodiment on the battlefield.