Apparently 1 TB Gold PS4 Slim Has Been Confirmed

Following leaks and rumors regarding Sony releasing PS4 Slim Gold, another leak has made its way to the internet which apparently confirms the existence of the Gold PS4 Slim and also reveals the launch date for the console.

The leak comes from the Twitter user, Wario64, who has somehow got his hands on Target weekly ad which confirms the existence of the Gold PS4 Slim and also revealed that the console will launch on June 11, 2017. The ad describes the console as a limited model and will be priced at $250.

However, Sony is yet to officially announce or reveal the console and the company has been very silent on these recent rumors. Also, this would not be the first time that Target has leaked some PlayStaiton product ahead of its official reveal or announcement.

However, the launch date for the console contradicts with a previous rumor which suggested that PS4 Slim Gold will launch on June 9, 2017, just days ahead of Sony’s E3 press conference. According to the leak, The Gold version of PS4 comes with 1 TB of hard drive.

Gold PS4 Slim

A golden Playstation 4 controller has already been released in limited quantities before now, so a Gold PS4 Slim isn’t necessarily out of the question.

Source: Twitter