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Eliza Infinite Combo Discovered in Tekken 7

It appears like every fighting game has at least one character upon release that features an annoying infinite combo string from which the opponent cannot recover. When Injustice 2 hit shelves last month, the fighting game community was quick to discover the antagonist Gorilla Grodd for having an unchallenged setup. Tekken 7 released just last week, but we already have confirmation on Eliza for having an infinite combo attack.

The immortal vampire can continuously spam her dive-kicks one after another to stop her opponent from getting back up. The input is similar to the instant air Cannon Strike of Cammy, and is a reversed Tiger Knee motion of Sagat from Street Fighter.

The only thing to be careful about is that Eliza must time her dive-kick perfectly with the frame. In that light, veterans are likely to have an easier time. Her dive-kicks can even be stringed together with other combos for variation. For the rest, though, it is a pretty challenging sequence to pull off right.

Nonetheless, it does not make it any lesser that Eliza has an infinite combo string in Tekken 7. The developer should patch it out in the near future, unless it is taking a page from NetherRealm Studios and will not hot-fix an infinite move if it is too difficult to execute by majority of players.

Tekken 7 released last week to stellar reviews. It is being hailed as the best installment in the series yet, and one of the best fighting games to hit the markets in recent years. The honor was previously being given to Injustice 2, but now there is a debate of which of the two is the superior brawler.

Tekken 7 is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Eliza was a pre-order bonus for the game. She is likely to be released later with a price tag or as part of the next content pack.