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Rainbow Six Siege Hit-Boxes Will Only Count the Human Body, Not Accessories

We already know that the character models of all operators are being remade to address the currently flawed and inconsistent Rainbow Six Siege hit-boxes. Today, the developer reveals the source of the issue and how it plans to correct it for the future.

Rainbow Six Siege originally had a “everything should react” design concept, which is why almost everything in the environment is destructible. However, this focus also meant that any accessory worn by an operator was also able to take damage. This problem of unwanted hit-boxes went beyond simple earmuffs, even the collars and sleeves of certain operators became large hit-boxes for enemy players to shoot at.

With time as new operators were released, Ubisoft realized that the issue is only becoming worse.

  • Some Operators have accessories that cause issues because they intuitively make lousy targets (like Blitz’s earmuffs).
  • Subsequent Operator’s required unique visual customizations to differentiate them from other Operators (and we didn’t want to restrict our character artists from creating cool looking Operators). A good example of this is Frost’s collar, which we ended up removing from her hitbox because it made her too easy to hit.
  • The differences between hitbox behavior between newer Operators and older Operators became confusing for everyone, but especially new players – this lack of consistency was only going to grow over time as we introduce new Operators.

As part of the first phase of Operation Health, the developer will be tackling the problem by introducing a new game design concept that creates damage hit-boxes for only the human body, not the visual character model. As large as Blitz may be in-game, the actual body-size inside all of that armored suiting is comparably small. Hence, any bullets hitting accessories like headsets and armbands will only create a visual effect and players might even hear the bullets ricocheting.

“We’ve reviewed every character to ensure that they’re in-line with our new mantra: only the human body counts in damage hitboxes,” stated the developer in a new blog post. “With these changes implemented, you should start to see damage occur in a more intuitive way as you’d expect.”

The new Rainbow Six Siege hit-boxes will roll out with the next update, scheduled for next week. More information will be provided shortly afterwards.