PlayStation 5 To Feature A Discrete GPU Instead Of An APU

With Xbox One Scorpio launching in the market later this year many are speculating about that will be Sony’s next move after launching PS4 Pro and it seems that the company might already be thinking about PlayStation 5 to rival the Xbox One Scorpio which will be able to run games at native 4K.

According to Tweaktown, who got a chance of speaking with someone, who will remain anonymous, about Sony’s next console, PlayStation 5. This, someone, was asked if the next console from Sony will have a discrete GPU or not, to this the someone replied that “I can’t say exactly” and when asked if the console will feature an APU like the Scorpio, to this he said “no”.

The fact that this someone straight up said no to the APU indicates that Sony intends to introduce a discrete GPU for its next console instead of an APU. Also, the site claims that this someone is “deep in the industry and would know a fair amount of what to expect”. However, take it as a grain of salt until Sony officially announces it.

However, technically a discrete GPU will be the best way to render games at native 4K for Sony’s next console but, there is one downside to that this performance will come at the cost of higher price point.

Until Sony officially reveals what its next console will be, which might take an over a year, we can only speculate.

Source: TweakTown