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New Gears of War 4: Rise of the Horde Trailer Shows Contents of Free Update

A new Gears of War 4: Rise of the Horde trailer has been released by The Coalition, showing off everything that’s going to be in the new Rise of the Horde update. The update is an enormous addition to the game’s Horde mode, adding new skills, new difficulty levels, and more.

Horde Mode is one of Gears of War’s defining features, and has given way to a number of other mutations across multiple other shooter games. While each Gears game has changed up the Horde formula significantly, the Rise of the Horde trailer gives us a look at some even bigger changes that will be built on top of the Gears of War 4 Horde setup.

To start off with in the Rise of the Horde trailer we see that fifteen new skills, three for each class, will be coming to the game. The Engineer gets Flow, Overclock, and Salvage, the Soldier gets Siphon, Resupply, and Assault Rifle Accuracy, and more.

In addition to the new abilities, every skill in the Horde Mode is going to get a new level, raising them from five levels to six. These will make the abilities even more powerful than they are when they’re at level 5.

All of this, coupled with new achievements, new rewards and loot, two new maps (Avalanche, a snowy mountainside resort, and Rust Lung, which takes place on an Imulsion rig), will help to round out the Rise of the Horde update.

The Gears of War 4: Rise of the Horde trailer is available to watch further up this article, so if you’re an avid Horde player, get ready to adjust to everything that Rise of the Horde has to offer when it releases on June 6. It promises a whole new level of bloody violence and chaotic combat, and it’ll be available for free!