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Intel Gemini Lake To Come Out Later This Year According To Leaked Intel CPU Roadmap

It seems that Intel is hard at work trying to push out new products. We already know about Intel Coffee lake and Intel Core X series CPUs but it seems that Intel also has something for the entry-level market as well. Newly leaked roadmaps reveal that Intel Gemini Lake will also be announced later this year but these CPUs will most likely come out early 2018.

Intel Gemini Lake CPUs will be processors for the Celeron and Pentium brands. These will be dual and quad-core CPUs for the entry level market. These upcoming CPUs will be made using the 14 nm process and will provide a couple of improvement when it comes to performance as well as power consumption.

According to reports the mobile versions will have a TDP of 6W and SFF desktop variants will have a TDP of 10W, so you can already see the decrease in power consumption here. The chips will feature 4 MB of L3 cache which is double what we got in previous CPUs. Another new feature is the new single-channel DDR4 integrated memory controller.

The memory controller will allow for support of memory with higher frequencies, this is a nice addition. Reports also claim that the CPUs will feature integrated WLAN controller. This has not been confirmed yet so it would be wise to take this bit of information with a grain of salt and wait for the official confirmation.

Intel Gemini Lake

One of the major features of Intel Gemini Lake is the integrated GPU that has 18 execution units. According to reports this GPU will be optimized for high-resolution displays and will feature HDMI 2.0 outputs. We are looking forward to an announcement in Q4 of this year.

Let us know what you think about Intel Gemini Lake and whether or not this is something that you might be interested in.